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Monday, May 28, 2012

Meditation for your Monday

Thankful to Chris for these thoughts and for these words to breathe in and out...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

What $5 Will Get You...

 Some things in life come easier to me than others. it is really easy for me to be the favourite child when my brother does something like this:

In his defense, his being obviously outshined by the lip synching back up singer/weird baseball cap and his display of some troubling anger managemrnt issues were all in jest of a great cause.  Karim raised $5 for Doctors Without Borders with this video and the philanthropist that contributed $5 towards this cause not only helped the same charity but s/he also sealed my rightful place as the golden child AGAIN. All this being the change kinda rocks doesn't it?!

Raise5 provides dogooders (yes that is what my brother is) with a way to share their talents in exchange for raising $5 at a time.  Some would call this micro-volunteering.  I'd call it micro-fundraising.  Potato, potatoe. You know?

In the end my brother did a great thing and I'll admit, he's pretty great!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Meditation for Your Monday

"I hope to leave the world a better place by having been here." Dr. James Naismith

Thursday, May 10, 2012

So you can sparkle all week...

While visiting with Claire in California on a 7 hour drive between Anaheim and Oakland one of the many things we talked about was friendships.  Discussed were old friends, new friends, friendships that are seamless and easy, those that survive transitions, difficult friendships and friends that have been a great gift but might be losing their relevance as we journey through life.

I told Claire that sometimes I catch myself walking down the street thinking about my family and some of the friendships that I am lucky enough to have and suddenly I will feel a strength and a sense that I am unbreakable.  I draw confidence in knowing that no matter what happens to me I have some of the softest places in this world to fall. 

Of course the star of this conversation at one point featured one of my favourite people in the land, my bestie Shafik.  This man loves and cheers me on unconditionally every single day. This week, I was reminded again of how lucky I am to have his friendship.

My creative bestie works with another friend of ours, Erin.  Erin and I are at a conference this week sharing a room overlooking the gorgeous Lake Couchiching.  As if anything else could improve on this setting.  Before she left work on Tuesday to meet me and drive up to the conference, Shafik sent me a little something via Erin...

There is glitter on the bottom left with a note that says, "So you can sparkle all if you need it!!"  I've had this masterpiece up on the mirror in our room all week.  What a fun message to see every morning.  Love you bestie!