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Friday, September 28, 2012

August All Gone!

Today is the fourth day in a row that I am wearing closed toe shoes.  It is with a heavy heart that I must face the cold hard truth that summer in my Toronto is oh-to-the-ver.  Gone are the days of perfect pedicures, patios and popsicles.  Bring on the fleece, staticky hair and runny noses.  Sigh.  Before I give in completely, please allow me to rave about my wonderful August.

A boy and his faux hawk.

August was the month of Kahzmir's faux hawk.  It's been cool watching him experiment with his hair by slicking it up, colouring it and forgetting all about it too.  And now he is all grown up in and in first grade and becoming more independent every day.  Love this kid!

The month started off with a bang at the Florence and the Machine concert.  My date was the lovely Munira and a kind stranger gave us his pair of tickets which upgraded our seats.  The night was destined to be great.  One of my favourite moments of the show was seeing Florence run barefoot midway up the amphitheatre through a crowd of her fans and back down to the stage with a huge smile on her face. She has one of the most powerful voices I've heard but is also one of the most graceful performers I've ever seen.

I attempted to read the entire Anne of Green Gables series this summer. I gave up in August midway through book 6, Anne of Ingleside.  Perhaps I'll finish the final three books by the year's end.
 One of my favourite Anne moments.

Bestie et moi.

Dates with my bestie the Leo throughout August were perfection.  Hanging at this munchkin's first birthday in the park was blissful.
Little M is too cute!

Bestie and I both had Summer Fridays. We used one of them to celebrate his 35th birthday by waking up early for a salsa class followed by a yummy brunch where we happened upon this gorgeous mural in progress by Shalak Attack.  Funnily enough, at a wedding a few weeks later, one of the guests was telling us about an amazing mural she had seen and showed us pictures of the completed mural on her phone.


I have spent the summer doing a lot of crockpotting.  Somewhere in August, it became an addiction and I don't want to stop.ever.never.  I think about the crock all the time.  And now you are thinking about it too.  My parents and I spent a lazy Saturday together and they enabled me by guinea pigging for a new recipe, Creamy Chicken and Asparagus with Penne.  It was delish!

My friend Bey got married in August to my neighbor Ricardo.  What a small world!  She was a gorgeous bride and her happiness was infectious!

The morning after the wedding, I hosted a reuion/BBQ for the staff I worked with at Camp Marifa during my high school days.   Funny to think that people trusted me with their children for A WHOLE WEEK when I was still a teenager! It was great to catch up with everyone and reaffirm that we did a pretty great job.  Here's a shot from the good old days.
Love this picture.  Am wearing Karim's Harvard t-shirt which he passed down to Aneez who then passed it down to me.  I wore that thing until it was a transparent piece of cloth hanging off of me.  

A cherished staple in Toronto's summer is CanStage's Dream in High Park; a run of some work by Shakespeare in the amphitheatre in High Park.  This year's production of Midsummer Night's Dream was clever and fun and so accessible for Torontonians, many of whom speak English as a second or third language.
Dream in High Park Stage.

And while the 2012 Summer Olympics in London made for inspiring Saturday and Sunday mornings and I got these cute pics of Isaac attending the marathon, my Toronto was host to the Ontario Summer Games.  What a great experience working with over a thousand volunteers to help ensure the games were a success for all of the youth athletes from across the province.

Gold medal spectator Isaac!

And what summer would be complete without mention of my Toronto Blue Jays?  No summer of mine!  Aussie friend Kat visited from England and Pam and I took her to a game where we soaked up some sun and some handsome ball players.  The lovely Kat got into the spirit, tattoos and all!

We also celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr in August.  My mom made us an amazing lunch and I capped off the day watching The Princess Bride in the park under the stars with Munira.


There were a lot of dinners out this summer.  Salad King with Pam and Kat, Hot House Cafe and a reunion with Alysha and Kristin, Ho Su with Jennifer and Spring Rolls with Zaheera.  The common thread was sisterhood and girl talk.  Great food was the bonus!

I tried a few new things in August.  Along with first proper facial and body wrap, I donated blood for the very first time.  Canadian Blood Services sent the Life Bus to my work and my colleagues and I jumped on and became donors as part of The Big Save.    Kristin happened to experience this first too.  You can read about her experience here. 

Most important in August was Issac's second birthday!  Happy Birthday Little One!  My nephews have brought so much joy to our family.  Only 78 days until I can eat this little guy up!

So that was August in a (very spacious) nutshell.  It was a month full of moments to be thankful for.  The only downside was not getting to see more-than-just-my-gym-buddy Melanie as often as we both wanted.  We're back on the wagon and I should really get on with September and embrace the fall.  I really don't want it go down as the month that I stayed up until 2am two three times in one week to watch Gangnam Style parodies on YouTube...