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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Perfect piece of post

I am a lover of the snail in the form of mail.  I've been lucky enough to receive some great pieces of snail mail in my life.  In this world of texting and iMessage and Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp (all forms of communication that I embrace and adore) nothing beats the perfect piece of snail mail.

For my 30th birthday, my brother sent me a puzzle of a still from my favourite movie Purple Rain.  It arrived via snail mail, via Royal Mail to be exact.  I loved it so much I framed it.

One time, my love solicited the snail and sent me a giant cardboard box filled with 50 bags of Hot Fries.  Thank you FedEx!  I laughed so loud!  It was so funny in fact that after I polished off my first bag, I cleaned it out and framed it.

Hot Fries from my love.

Recently I received the BEST.PIECE.OF.SNAIL.MAIL.EVER!  If you've received a letter like this you know what I mean.  See evidence below:

C'mon CIBC!  Couldn't you have at least thrown in a "Congratulations!"  Maybe you could have used coloured letterhead?  Something? Anything?

Seriously though, after 10 years of paying off 3 different student loans, I am finally FREE (to focus on my mortgage....)  Best piece of mail ever!

What is the best piece of snail mail you ever received?