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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sandwich Board Wisdom

Reasons to live a commando lifestyle.

Friday, November 1, 2013

October Photo A Day Challenge

My brothers and I took on Fat Mum Slim's October Photo A Day Challenge. I had so much fun doing it in July, I definitely wanted to do it again.  It's great to see how the prompts are interpreted each day by different people, especially my brothers.

The challenge

October 1 - Something colourful. Mosaic by the ferry.

October 2 - Light.

October 3 - You today. Time to admit that summer is over. Hello autumn!

October 4 - Motion. Ai Weiwei for Nuit Blanche.

October 5 - Afternoon.  Rubbing against my neighbours at the market.

October 6 - 8 o'clock. About to devour this!

October 7 - What I saw today. Sunrise from my bed.

October 8 - Corner. Favourite one in my home.

October 9 - Pink. Akina's lips.

October 10 - Hands.

October 11 - M is for...Mozzarella!

October 12 - Below.

October 13 - Watching. My loves stirs the cornbread dressing for Thanksgiving.

October 14 - Favourite space.  Wherever there is family.

October 15 - Secret. My love sneaks chocolate into the symphony.

October 16 - the lake.

October 17 - First world problem.  Had to eat my yogurt with a fork.  With a fork!

October 18 - Still. Not for long.

October 19 - A good day...especially when it includes free cheesy garlic bread for checking in on 

October 20 - Open.  Pumpkin blossoms into a jack o'lantern with Kahzmir.

October 21 - Then and now. 7am and 7:30am from my couch.

October 22 - Change. Missing his.

October 23 - My mood today.  Adrift in the city!

October 24 - Dark.  Funny things happened when the lights went out.

October 25 - Welcome. He greets you on Carlaw Avenue.

October 26 - Depth of field aka a vase at my parents' house.

October 27 - Peaceful a la seven year old.

October 28 - Just for you.

October 29 - Hair. My love is a good sport about finding these everywhere.

October 30 - Wet.  Muddy prints.

October 31 - Treat.  Queen Bee makes an appearance at work.