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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Counting down to Missusdom

I love this space for the opportunity it provides to look back and take stock before forging ahead.  I decided to count day the 100 days that precede my becoming a missus via Instagram.  Here are days 100-76.

100 - Dinner with Maji. Not sure how many more of these moments we'll have but grateful that at almost 93, she still gives me a smile every time I see her.

99 - Tulips from my favourite lips. Thank you, my love.

98 - Mother's Day shenanigans with Maji and Dad.

97 - Keeping it basic on Make Your Own Pizza Night.

96 - Playing with mehndi invites.

95 - Meet my friend Noah. He was 36 hours old when I took this picture.

94 - Mom's homemade chevdo.

93 - Happy Graduation, Darius and Jasmine!

92 - I am so happy right now. #myaddiction

91 - Fortunate fortunes.

90 - Looking at fabric swatches for my love's wedding suit.

89 - Prepping for a visit from Isaac.  Perks of being a fui.

88 - Flip charting in the kitchen.

87 - Art in my bestie's office.

86 - What my love does while I am at book club.

85 - Deep fried Mars bar.  So worth it!

84 - Shopping spree at Canada Post!

83 - Just walked by this creepy photo in the lobby of my building.  Toddler with massive trap muscles pointing to her sinister cat...

82 - Arrrrrgh! Pirate selfie.

81 - Watching a rainbow reach out to the clouds above Niagara Falls.

80 - Getting ready for tomorrow's workshop "Creating YouTube Videos" complete with a mini film festival and snacks.

79 - Sun down with the future Mr. Kanji.

78 - Highly recommend the VIP experience and the new XMen flick.

77 - Sunshine greets June!

76 - My love made the yummiest chili spicy my ears are screaming!

25 reasons to be thankful!


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Meghan said...

Your pirate selfie??? SO CUTE! :)

I am so glad you're in the home stretch, and I am absolutely thrilled for you, Faiza! You are going to be a beautiful bride, and I cannot wait to see it all unfold!

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